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  • Pete the Pool Man

Are you paying more than £40.00 for weekly pool cleaning?

We recently gained a new client who was being charged £65.00 for their weekly pool cleaning service. Worse still - they told us it was rare to see the same pool man twice, as the company employed temporary staff - often students on a summer job. The quality of work was poor so they came to us. Be wary of unscrupulous operators who see a large house with a swimming pool in a nice location such as Esher, Weybridge or Cobham - as an opportunity to charge inflated prices for inferior service. We serve all our customers personally and do not employ sub contractors or temporary workers. We charge from £50 per week and there really is no reason to pay any more. That way, we keep our prices low, and our quality of pool water high. We currently have two vacancies for weekly service contracts.


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